Thursday, October 14, 2010

not quite a month...

apparently I was on a hiatus. a vacation. a siesta. a sabbatical. call it what you want. yes. ive been away. but the good news is. im back. hoooo-ray! (seriously, don’t ya’ll implode in excitement. really. its aaaight).

I cant promise my material will be just as sharp and satirically witty before my hiatus/vaca/siesta/sabbatical/stint in rehab/prison (that’s like sooo lindsay lohan chic). gotta scrub off the rust and cobwebs, and squirt some of that trusty wd40 in my [tin man] brain and I’ll be good to go. I think…

for serious. this change in season just cripples me. soooo tireeeeed. sometimes I just need to pop some poor man’s adderall (diet pills/caffeine pills) just to jump start my @ss to function daily. don’t judge. at least that sh!t’s legal. I tried getting a prescription for adderall, however, the doc deemed me too smart for it.

ha. no comment.

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