Thursday, October 28, 2010

michael kors camo "i want" satchel

ok. so im obsessed.

ive been looking everywhere for this b!tch. sold out sold out sold out. wtf?! its like trying to get backstreet boys tickets circa 2000 [I want it thaaaaaat way].

my only option it seems is either eBay or backordering it online. backorder? like I don’t wait for sh!t. I want it now. now…!!

I should write a letter to michael kors (and cc heidi klum and bcc nina garcia, just for sh!ts and giggles) stating how the shortage/sold out-ness of the camo line he released this fall has cause me undue irreparable emotional/physical/consumer shopping stress. and immediate action needs to take place.

aka on the immediate action: send me [for free] the whole camo line. bags, belts, shoes, clothes, undies, hosiery, etc.

ps: please overnight it. one more day of this agony and I might die of wanting camo. die or explode. either outcome = no bueno.

click for more info: michael kors camo satchel

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