Friday, October 22, 2010

mcdonalds "horny" mcrib

dude. the porky b!tch is back. all hail the mcrib.
[cue: halo and heaven ringtone]

my hungover @ss is just saliva-ating at the sight of this sight of wonder. like its literally the 8th wonder of the world (well in my drunk haze of a world). ugh. the dripping and oozing of bbq sauce its driving me crazy. god this sangwich is a sexy beast. im sooo turned on. im like food horny.

ok. me and mcrib are gonna get a room. im gonna ravage this b!tch in privacy.

ps: 22g of protein. that automatically qualifies this porky b!tch as a healthy meal (well in my drunk haze of a world).

pps: who the f*ck checks mcdonald’s nutrition facts for actual nutrition info? literally I check it out for sh!ts and giggles and for comic relief. it’s a f*cking joke! nothing is “healthy” in mcdonalds, aside from the ice in your soft drink. even the f*cking lettuce is fattening cause its been smooshed in between a fatty beef patty and slab of queso. poor leafy lettuce just absorbs the fat thru osmosis. for reals yo. its no joke. its basic food science. duh…

click for more info: mcdonalds mcrib

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