Thursday, October 28, 2010

lex friedman & megan morrison the snuggie "punctuation" sutra

ahh. the snuggie. forever engrained (unfortunately) in pop culture.

I mean if your commercial’s jingle is a reeeeemix of the macarena (which btw, my computer just auto capitalized “macarena” meaning, my computer is obviously well versed in poop culture knowing the “macarena” is a proper noun, hence needing to be capitalized, however im rebelling and not capitalizing it because my penmanship in real life I write in all caps, so in the “unreal” life of typing in computers/text messaging/emailing/facebook posting/twatting (aka the act of twittering in past tense) I switch sh!t up and only type in lower case).

yes. I have english grammar/punctuation ocd. im a f*cking punctuating grammatical maniac.

further evidence of this, I totally lost track of what I was posting about, as I got lost in my grammatically punctual ocd-ness haze.

as I was saying…

…I mean the snuggie’s anthem is a reeeeemix of the macarena. that alone puts this product in the poop culture hall of fame [whore].

…speaking of whores, so these two chicks wrote an actual book (dude. I was issued an isbn number. that’s f*cking official. now all it needs is a dewey decimal number, and that’ll launch this book into hall of fame [whore] status in the library stratosphere).

god! an’ here I go, again (on my oooown. going down the only road ive ever knooooown) losing my blog of thought...

sorry hadda blog [belt] out that whitesnake tune. couldn’t resist.

ok. focus. must. need adderall. you can do it…..!

…so this snuggie sutra book is apparently about different love makin positions (I hate the word “sex” soo f*cking crass) while taco’d in a snuggie. tho, I think that’s the premise of the book. again lemme reiterate my voluntary illiteracy (meaning I choose not to read because I hate reading. it hurts my head).

f.o.c.u.s. !!

I gotta [taco] wrap this up. mmm. yo quiero xxl chalupa.

ok. so basically it’s a book about different positions while boning in a snuggie. the end.

ok gotta go. running to 80 madison ave (aka “the border”). aka the closest taco bell.

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