Thursday, October 14, 2010

l.a.m.b. "armor" poppy boots

since this stoopid fall weather has commenced, I need (yes. need) to go shopping for clothing [armor] in preparation for the [war] cold weather.

historically, ive shunned boots. they trap my little feet-sies (wow that sounds like feces…well if you have a lisp). my little feet-sies have a crippling bout of claustrophobia when in boots. poor little piggies. however, this year, thanks to therapy/meds and pretty much my strong arming, they have cooperated and have allowed the wearing of boots this season. hoooo-ray!

so what happens when you give an shopa-alcoholic a new trend/clothing category to go shopping for? she goes bat shIt ape sh!t nuts. already purch-@ssed a pair. and now I want more and more and more and more pairs of boots. yipeeeeee!

im trolling piperlime, and I must say almost every pair I like, its got the “rachel zoe pick” stamp of approval. like nuh duh, of course I would have the same taste as ms. [bananananas] zoe. like her, I got a fn gold medal in shopping and an a+ in styling and a enormous shopping problemo. bananananas!

so poppy was like my “I die I die I die I die” boots. like love love love love love l.a.m.b. (baaaaah). well aside from the $600 sticker price (like that matters), I did try them on at bloomingdales, and they are officially on my shopping stalker radar.

I got problems! hoooo-ray!

click for more info: l.a.m.b. poppy boots

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