Thursday, October 28, 2010

due date "lil mush" movie

spent a good amount of my day today trolling the internet for pictures of french bulldogs like some convicted pet sex [love making] offender.

speaking of sex [love making] offender, I literally stalk french bulldogs on the street, like the creepy lurker that I am. I chase dog owners taking their innocent lil mush out for a walk just so I can pet and play with them. nevermind striking up conversation w/the owner. my focus is to solely pet and play with the intended doggy target.

this past weekend, I followed a frenchie owner into his building just cause his lil mush was ridic tooo adoooorable for words. I like had to pet the lil mush. my heart was melting as we met eyes.

ugh. and now all these trailers and posters for the movie due date are out, and they have their lil mush featured on the poster. pool lil mush has a cone around his noggin. too ridic adoooorable for words.

for serious. the only reason I wanna watch the movie is to see this lil mush. screw robert downey, jr. lil mush is the star of this flick.

ps: don’t worry frenchie owners. I wont steal your dog. ive already had thoughts of swiping ones tied up outside stores many of times. the fact that I haven’t pulled the trigger and stolen one at this point means I will never do it…

pps: unless the lil guy just cannot resist me, breaks out of his leash and runs to my arms. then it wont be considered “stealing.” or in legal terms grand theft puppy.

click for more info: due date movie

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