Thursday, September 9, 2010

nikon "in new here" d3100

i have: d3000
this is: d3100

d3100: 14.2 megapixels
mine: I have no clue (haven’t even opened the instruction book yet)

it (d3100) has that I (d3000) doesn’t have: records video, auto preview, and etc. (actually im just too lazy to read/comprehend the “other” specs).

pretty much: I just want because its just newer.

cant that be reason enough?

disclaimer: if you want real reasons why to buy this new guy, go read like some legit photography blog. this blog is the most superficial shopping guide you will come across. if its new, hot, made by marc jacobs or just expensive I will tell you to buy it.

click for more info: nikon d3100

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