Thursday, September 9, 2010

nike roger that mens t-shirt

another year another us open. I do go to these every year. not just cause of the tennis. not just cause of the “buzz worthy” atmosphere. not just case of the overpriced dee-lish food. not just cause I love ralph lauren.

its cause I wanna re-live my glory days of being a ball girl. im sure ive mentioned this before in my blog. but I don’t care. its gotta be the coolest gig (and lowest paying at $4.75/hr) ever. so cool ive begun to add it to my [stellar] resume. I figure it’ll be a nice conversational piece next to my [yawn] employment history and [yawn] edu-ma-cational deets.

sooo pretty much im still riding the coat tails of my accomplishments as a youth. since so far as an adult, my accomplishments/accolades have pretty much plateau-ed.

listen. it happens to every teenage prodigy. we cant be perfect and overachievers all our lives.

just had flashbacks of piano lessons, tennis lessons, karate lessons, art lessons…

I’ll never be michelle kwan!! (as I screamed to my mom one day as a 16 year old). tho the irony is, I never took figure skating lessons, since my parents made me go to korean school instead on my weekends.

ps: apparently this post is like my memoir of my childhood past. ima gonna put the kibosh on it now, or else its gonna be a diarrhea of just diarrhea.

pps: roger federer is the sh!t. figured id mention something of the product im blogging about…

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