Tuesday, September 14, 2010

nike nike+ gps "documentary" app for iphone

dude. this would be a embarrassment for me.

the gps would show me make it maybe 5 blocks outside my apartment, then….the end. I mean theres commercial jingles that last longer than my maximum capacity to go for a run. ok, maybe to give myself some teeny credit, I can probably run longer than a gap christmas commercial. impressive eh?

in conclusion. cool app. not cool for lazy ex-smokers with shoddy sh!t knees and absolutely zilch endurance.

tho…. !

idea: maybe I can use this app to track my goings/happenings on a night out in the town. then at least I’ll have some sorta documentary on the tail end of my bar bender binge night. (since my brain doesn’t seem to absorb memory in the event of a blackout).

click for more info: nike nike+ gps app for iphone

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