Friday, September 10, 2010

nike air max courtballistec 2.3 tennis "the man" shoe

congrats to rafa “wedgie pick king” nadal in making into the us open semis with the defeat of his fellow countryman verdasco.

dude. rafa is the man. aside from the fact he is dating some smokin hot model from spain (I tink) and he’s got the #1 ranking in mens tennis. I mean those reasons alone make him the man.

but my reasons that rafa is the man are, he’s got nike as a sponsor. like ahhh…! (cue: halo above nike swoosh and flip the light switches on in the heavens).

and he has the sickest gear made pacifically for him. like ahhh…! (cue: halo above nike air max courtballistec shoe).

and not even just that, it comes in the sickest color scheme nike has ever coupled. black and neon green. like ahhh…! (cue: halo above…well just a halo).

and its has the prefix “air max”. like no one [shoe] just gets the “air max” prefix. like you have to be especial. ie: air max burst, air max 95, air max 97, air max tailwinds. those are iconic nikes. so, for rafa to have his own shoes baptized with air max is muy grande deal.

so my point is, to bring a summation to my post:

rafa is the man. nike is god. and I am thirsty for an alcoholic beverage.

get me some nikes so I can run my @ss to the baaar.

viva la rafa wedgie! …and espana!

…maybe i’ll have some sangria tonite.

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