Friday, September 10, 2010

fred "im getting" toasted notes

since it’s the @ss end of the day and the @ss end of the week, im pretty much checked out. so to waste away the last 2 hours of work, I stalk people on facebook and/or comment on every status update and picture. (note: please don’t look for me on facebook if youre not already my friend. I don’t need anymore. j/k. well not really…)

so a facebook friend asks anyone been to joshua tree?

naturally my alcoholic brain is thinking the bar in murray hill.

so nope. he’s talking about the joshua tree in california. which btw. had nooo idea existed.

naturally my mind at 3:47pm is focused on 1 thing and 1 thing only. happy hour. duh.

I blow this popsicle stand in t-minus 13 minutes. I make my own happy hours. biooootch.

ps: speakin of toasted. that’s what I will be in t-minus 10 beers from now.

pps: i’ll need to write my home address on a toasted note now, so I can give to cabbie to get my stumblin bumblin @ss home tonite. hehe.

ppps: see how useful this sh!t I post about are? (whoah was that like correct grammar?)

click for more info: fred toasted notes

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