Tuesday, September 14, 2010

envirosax mini "save" sax bag 2

uh how cuuute is this?

a new and “green” way to bring your brown bag lunch to work. and its got a lil cuppy holder for your lil [boozy] drinky drink. maybe it’ll encourage me to bring my lunch to work instead of spending [wasting] $10 a day in feeding ma belly on the most important meal of [my] day. lunch. I love you lunch.

tho, as “green” as im tryin to be with the environment, I really need to get “greener” with my money. (nice analogy right?) I waste my benjamins (actually im lucky to even have a george washington in my wallet) like I got the bankroll of steve jobs, oprah [love you] and bill gates combined.

yea. no. not even jesus and god (even throw in moses and the wise men) make that much cash combined.

save the earth! save my bank account! save the whales! save ferris!

click for more info: enviorsax mini sax bag 2

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