Thursday, September 16, 2010

dj gallo view from the "hip" upper deck

“if the onion were to go all-sports, it would look like this.” – sports illustrated

should dj gallo was re-incarnated into a chick*, he would be me.

*and yes. I am a chick. I do posses the necessary female genitalia to qualify as a xx chromosomal homosapien, contrary to my foul mouthed beer gut attitude problem/demeanor.

dj gallo is the man. I bow to his sportspickle. (heh heh).

dj and I should just get married. can you imagine our wedding vows? the [monsoon] drips of sarcasm when we profess our goo-goo [lady] ga-ga love would reach heights of hilarity. dude. that’s when you know it’s a match made in [screaming] satire heaven.

however, a little weary of procreating children. literally they’ll be shootin from the hip right outta the womb. the kid’s gonna have one smart mouth. and by the age of 3, he’ll have is own award winning kiddie blog entitled “I don’t do veggies, so why the f*ck do I have to eat em?” where he chronicles his g.f.y.m/d. (go f*ck yourself mom/dad) moments and struggles with adjusting to life after the terrible 2’s.

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