Thursday, September 9, 2010

design spray "dull" apfelbrett macbook cutting board

funny. my boy T forwarded me this kitschy kitchen accessory (must have for you apple iwhores).

funny. I have like 2 dead macbooks in my apartment rotting away underneath my couch. I could just resurrect one of them and use it as my crafty cutting surface and save the €43 in buying the legit bamboo one (too lazy to convert to $. if you really care, go convert yourself on

funny. tho I think my trusty ole metal powerbook would dull my razor sharp wusthof knife. that would be a no bueno.

funny. why would this non-cooking non-chef own like a $200 wusthof knife? well I figure if you’re gonna hold a knife to an intruder (I live in nyc people), figure the sharpest and most expensives ones would be the most effective?

ps: props to my girl jenny jen. I stole the word iwhore from her. genius girl. genius. funny.

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