Friday, September 10, 2010

apple ipod "r.i.p." nano 6G

im uber tempted to add to my [kate plus 8] brood of iapplings ever since the yearly fall announcement by steve jobs [my father] of new apple products couple weeks ago.

I currently own at least 1 gidgaget from each ipod/iphone line. with the exception of a nano. last year we lost 1G nano. we think he succumbed to over usage. however, a final autopsy was never performed so an official cause of sh!tting the bed is undetermined.

anywho. the new nano its like uber chic. its like apple just kicked the design model for this new b!tch into [lets get] high gear. I mean it looks like someone took an itouch and threw it in the dryer for like 5 hours. its so eeny meeny teeny tiny miney moe.

plus I cant plug my nike + ipod sport doesn’t work with my 2G shuffle and 3G shuffle. and I aint bringing ipod classic or iphone 4G or 3G to the gym with me, too friggn big.

I mean I have no choice. ive tried to reason with [me] myself [and I] through this pickle of a situation. the only solution we have come to is to get one.

guess I have to look for a bigger place. me and the iapplings are outgrowing my current matchbox apartment...

ps: whoah, we’re at 6G nano already? whoah. my dearly departed 1G musta really lasted a loooong time. r.i.p. in apple heaven my dear…

click for more info: apple ipod nano 6G

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