Wednesday, August 25, 2010

pop deluxe hare and "rarely" comb

hare and comb. da-dum-chum.

gotta love puns. un-funny [dorky] people need to thank their lucky [dull] & [dim] stars for the invention of puns. w/o them they would just have nothing. at least if they zing a pun, its like awww, the dork tried to make a funny. da-dum-chum fail.

so I finally read the description of this hare and comb product thinking is for grown ups. nope. its for kids.

not that I would ever buy, since I haven’t combed my hair since 1995. tho it would make for cute d├ęcor in my matchbox apartment.

ps: to prove that im a funny person. I tried to think of a pun to use in this post, and could not.

reminder: only unfunny [dorky] people use puns.

click for more info: pop deluxe hare and comb set

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