Wednesday, August 25, 2010

marc by marc jacobs happy dot mabel "whore" bag

I want!

miserable rainy weather in nyc this week and its cold (a freeeeeezing 66 degrees) and the days are getting shorter, das boot!

also im pms-ing. shocker. like: go. f*ck. yourself.

so happy dot mabel baggy (aside from a bacon swiss mushroom sautéed onion cheeseburger w/platter of disco steak fries w/extra gravy) would just about make me the most enormously happiest human alive right about now.

anywho. how cute is mabel? perfect for cold rainy days like today, just brings a smile to my face. (the aforementioned cheeseburger deluxe meal would bring a huge-er smile, to the point my face will cramp. no biggie. at least that proves to ya’lls I aint on the botox and can move my mug.)

honestly I’ll tell you. [preach sista!] anything branded marc jacobs brings a smile to my face. like a toilet bowl brush branded marc by marc jacobs would make me gleeeeee. im sure ive written this before. but I just cant express to you enough my love for mj.

ps: today im wearing a marc by marc jacobs dress as I toddle around nyc in the rain w/my marc by marc jacobs umbrella and my marc by marc jacobs tote bag. talk about being a marc by marc jacobs [prostitution] whore. thatsa me!

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