Thursday, August 12, 2010

lacoste peanuts "checked out" polo collection

and the red baron lives on!

well courtesy of the uber pretty label lacoste, snoopy and his pals are celebrating their 60th anniversary in style. wow, btw, snoopy’s in great shape being a 420 [hehe] year old pup) in style.

my only dig on this trip down [snoop] doggy nostalgia way, where are the chicks from the peanut [gallery] gang? [york] peppermint patty? lucy? I mean even the a fleet of woodstocks get their own tee atop the croc, but the chicks get squat? I can just hear all the feminists gettin all up in a tizzy about this.

im down to burn some bras to get pp and lucy onto a lacoste polo. I got some old training bras from back in the day (which all still fit me, sadly) I can throw into the bonfire.

ps: I feel like this post could’ve been funnier/more entertaining. I mean it had potential. you got the peanuts gang and uber chic lacoste as topics of discussion, and all I could [gudens] mustard is that loppy post above? listen, I literally wrote this sh!t in like 5 minutes. literally verbal diarrhea. it’s the tail end of the day and week, im checked out. I aint re-reading/editing sh!t anymore.

pps: tho ive been checked out since 9:15am on Monday, August 9th, 2010. im even too checked out to find another excuse why this post sucks. so f*ckin suck it.

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