Wednesday, August 11, 2010

georgia bulldog pet cheer "obese" dress

well isn’t this fitting. a bulldog rocking a georgia bulldog cheerleader outfit.

speaking of fitting. how about those unfortunate dogs that are built like linebackers? (ie: great danes, labs, or just really obese bulldogs). I mean a medium fits 14” – 18”, so for those pooches sizes L and up, youre sh!t outta luck.

tho. seeing a humongo pooch in a cheer skirt would be like seeing a drag queen in one of these pixy outfits. pretty dang hilarious. I must say, the bully dog modeling this little ditty is pretty fn hysterical lookin, I must say.

however, with closer inspection, seems like the outfit is photoshopped on. at least they didn’t forget to put the poor meatball’s head back on after all the cropping/retouching. tho he seems to be missing a hind leg. that or he just doesn’t have one. listen this aint victoria’s secret catalogue, where they hire the top-est notch-est retouchers. this sh!t was prob done by some summer intern getting paid jack sh!t.

arf. arf.

click for more info: Georgia bulldog pet cheer dress

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