Thursday, August 26, 2010

banana republic delicate "hanging" beads necklace

good morning! I hate everyone. :)

I texted this to a buddy today. it’s the culmination of how the last 3 hours (how long ive been awake today) has gone. obviously, i know these symptoms of putrid hatred im feeling today are as a result of a medical condition. but hey, I cant f*cking help it. someone cure me of my pms disease. or as I would put it, a disease called being a girl!!


I literally wanna shoot myself. or the more dramatical way of exiting this world, hanging. what better and prettier way to do this act of drama, than with a pretty necklace? seriously that’s the 1st thought I had when I did my daily morning online shopping rounds (normal people read the morning paper. I online shop). I was like, “hey this would make for a nice and pretty hanging noose device.” god. im a sicko.

alright I’ll end the misery. someone get me a midol.

ps: don’t worry. im not going to harm myself. I have waaay to much to live for. like my upcoming fantasy football drafts on sept 1st.

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