Tuesday, August 3, 2010

angry little girls weenies should be "deep" fried

boys are stupid. boys are gross. as a result their weenies should get fried. like deep fried corn dogs in some scathing canola oil (hold the mustard).

then maybe they can grow a real brain (aside from the duo of brains housed near/down under their weenie). amazballs how a boy can have 3 “brains” and still be as f*cking ret@rd clueless.

ps: just got my period. like my --------------------> .
(no thats not a dot of dust on your computer screen stoopid.

pps: its annihilate anything with a weenie day.

ppps (and special note): boys beware of this bleepin beefin b!tch. bring me a beer or I’ll boffin beat your big @ss butt, boy.

yuck fou!!

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