Friday, July 16, 2010

zagg invisible "force field" shield iphone 4

yayayayaya. all this sh!tting on the new iphone 4. people can go f*ck themselves. no one talks sh!t about my little apple-ling [child] no matter what defects he may have. its not his fault!

I think it’s a big ole fat conspiracy. its not the f*cking antenna f*cking up people’s reception. its f*cking at&t. dude, they can go blow me with their sh!tty reception and service. like, blooooow me.

listen when you attack a rabid aminal’s [me] young, be prepared to get your @ss handed to you in a tin platter (garnished w/parsley).

ps: to further protect my apple-ling [son], I purch-@ssed the zagg invisible shield. this sh!t is apparently military grade material that supposed to protect the iphone 4 from life’s lil dings, kinks, and scrapes. kinda like a force field.

pps: installation is not that hard. ive read reviews with these ret@rds having issues installing this force field. I was able to do it hungover (or still drunk?) and semi-crossed eyed.

or, I guess people are just not as crafty as me. sucks to be you…

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