Thursday, July 8, 2010

marc by marc jacobs sketchy "pet" miss marc laptop case

soooo since I wear head to toe marc (by marc) jacobs, so shall everything around me. as I type sitting [dainty-ly] at my desk in my primrose patterned marc (by marc) jacobs dress, I troll the internet lookin for outfits for my newly fixed appling, macbook pro. she’s back from the repair shop all fixed and rejuvenated.

besides. im not allowed to have dogs. im practically not allowed to have kids (not by law. just by common human sense). so I need to have something to dress into cute lil outfits and prance around manhattan with. the closest thing I can think of as a pet/child is my beloved laptop macbook pro.

and my macbook will only be wearin marc (by marc) jacobs. biotch. and if only I can now find us some matching outfits, how cute [crazy] would that be?...

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