Thursday, July 8, 2010

links of london friendship "nerdy" bracelets

remember the babysitters club? well in my glory days as a youngster (when I scored straight a’s and hadn’t discovered booze yet…) I read every single book in the series, including the very super special versions, etc. I would go to the library religiously and look for the newest version. pretty much, I was a f*cking nerd as a kid. like not cool.

so to add to my nerdy-ness as a little whipper snapper, I organized in 4th grade a friendship bracelet club modeled after the babysitters club. we had a president (me of course) vice president, treasurer, court jester? etc. seriously, I barely remember the positions of power. these memories are probably me recollecting my days as @sshole champ in college where I was president for 9 straight games. dude. champ.

btw: if you don’t know what game im talking about, then you need to go back to college. like re-do all 4 years (including summer and winter sessions) and come back and talk to me.

sorry I literally di-gressed…

this friendship bracelet club is where I guess the whole point was to get a buncha friends together and make these silly bracelets and sell em to our fellow classmates. which in theory sounds so f*cking cute, but what 7 year old has enough money to buy anything? just think back in 1987, when I was 7. kids had no cell phones. you can get gum for 5 cents and kids weren’t dressing like [slutty] miley cyrus. actually miley wasn’t even born then. wow. im old.

so in conclusion, this club folded due to lack of profit/equity. pretty much, we sucked like today’s economy.

however, on the bright side, seems like friendship bracelets are making a comeback, thanks to links of london. just faaaaancier (said in a british queen liz accent). you can customize your own, or get pre-made ones. even ones that glow in the dark! so your “friend” can easily locate you when you play hide-and-go-seek in the dark. ha-ha. that was supposed to be funny, but I decided it wasn’t, but im too lazy to erase/strike it from the record.

ps: I swear, every single f*cking thing from the 1980’s seems like theyre making a comeback. now if only I can bring back my smart-ness/intelligence I had as a kid. however, that went out of fashion permanently just like milli vanilli and clear pepsi.

que sera sera…

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