Tuesday, July 27, 2010

jack daniels chocolate "hormonal" gift box

as I play barista at my office’s flavia machine (I made an awesome dove chocolate & intense roast coffee mix + 1 spenda) and oh yea the pms is kickin it in high gear, im craving the following thangs [ps: too bad there’s no sambuca layin around the oficina. boo.] :

1. chocolate
2. booze
3. swiss cheese
4. jack daniels
5. dark chocolate
6. whiskey from tennessee
7. cocoa-late
8. slim jims

quite the shopping list of sh!t. just imagine all the hormonals going thru a pms-ing b!tch’s body [soul] kinda = to being preggo. aye the agony of being a xx chomo-sonal homosapien. waaaaaaah.

so apparently there is a god in the world of pms-ing. jack daniels dark chocolates.


shout out to my homey boy T bringing these lovelies to my attencíon. you just helped save a couple lives today. w/o this blessed discovery (and impending [gleeful] ordering of these drunk chocs), I might’ve trashed a couple of co-workers with my scathingly “ima gonna rip you an new @sshole” vocab.

hold that thought: these b!tches are sold out!! [picture fire breathing dragon x 5 image].

speakin of barista skillz: maybe if I masticate a dark choc truffle [from godiva] and chase w/a shot of jack. problemo solved? I must try on my lunch “break”. I’ll keep ya’lls posted.

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