Tuesday, July 27, 2010

im on a roww...

this is what happens when you imitate [mock] a f.o.b.-by (fresh off the boat) asian accent on a daily basis. you end up speakin like it! talk about practice makes f*cking perfect. golly…

on a side note. im bangin out these posts today like a kung fu ninja. hiyaaaaah!

boredom + hyper caffeinated coffee + anti-bloating water pills = a lean (thank you diurex) mean (thank you pms) blogging (thank boring job) machine (thank you juan [exxon] valdez)

speakin of exxon. this coffee im drinkin tastes like diesel fuel. which is probably what these poor aminals/marine fishy life are swallowing everyday in the gulf. f*cking b.p. I wanna hiyaaaah and hassan chop your oil wastin @ss soo bad.

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