Thursday, July 22, 2010

huggies "pissed" jeans diapers

well now. another (f*cking cool) thing for babies/kids that I never had as a child. seriously, must be nice to be borned now. I mean for god sake, marc jacobs even makes a kid’s line. wtf?! all I had in the [reagan] 80’s was osh kosh b’gosh.

I mean kids are practically coming outta the birth canal with an iphone in one hand, a blackberry on the other [purely for biz-ness use] while sportin a pair of nike air jordans.

I came outta the birth canal naked and pissed off that I had to live in this god for saken world. plus my parents were pissed I wasn’t a f*cking boy, so they had to have a 3rd kid. so sue me. in fact, sue dad. he’s the one who’s supposed to supply the xy chromosome.

ps: levis is pissed they didn’t think of this concept.

pps: when did it ever become so cool to piss in your jeans? guess it is now…

click for more info: huggies jeans diapers

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