Friday, July 16, 2010

gk designs "holy" multi charm necklace

so they make these inspirational necklaces with inspirational words. kinda reminds me of that inspirational poem “footprints” which I have no clue (or remember) how it goes and/or what it means. alls I know it probably has something to do with jesus, and blah blah…

apparently never paid attention in church. but to my credit, I have read the entire chapter of genesis in that book called the bible.

ok. I just mentioned jesus and the bible. this blog is done. cause I have the [sudden] urge to type a cuss word. but this post has waaaay too much of a holy vibe even this heathen wont even dare.

its friday, I wanna at least live to enjoy the weekend ive worked so hard all week to get to…


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