Wednesday, July 28, 2010

fred "smurf" iplunge

big ups to jenny jen for bringing to my attention this most wonderful of websites. fred (which ironically is her bf’s name. hehe). whom I call simply, the fred.

btw. im gonna blog the sh!t outta the proddy-ducts from the site. my [death] wishlist of things is ret@rdedly looooooong.

a midget plunger! I can gift this to papa smurf for christmas. he was always complaining of the toilet cloggin in his [magic] mushroom casa de smurf.

well so how it usually works when I gift people things, its always a bogo (well my version of a bogo). buy 1 for the gift-ee, and get one for the gift-er. sh!t part, the gift-er’s gift aint free. poo.

anywho. papa gets a midget plunger for his bathroom, and I get one for my iphone 4. or, how it usually works when I gift people things, I end up just keeping both. :)

click for more info: fred iplunge

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