Friday, July 30, 2010

fred fingerprint "the bird" bookmark

I don't read. but for you book worms that do, here's a nifty little innovative invention that sets a new standard in bookmarking.

I think it wouldve been funnier [I mean high-larious] if the finger was flippin the bird. I mean it would still serve the same function, with just a lil touch of vulgarity.

even more funnier [and evev more highest-larious] if we used one of my proposed flippin the bird bookmarks invention on a mother goose rhyme book.

I bet mother [f-word] goose would very much not appreciate that.

ps: puhh-lease. you think mother goose rhymes are soo rated g? I think not. jack and jill did not go up the hill to fetch a pail of h2o. anyone past the age of 16 knows what they reeeally went up the hill for...

hip hip hooray happy friday sn!tches!

click for more info: fred fingerprint bookmark

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