Thursday, July 29, 2010

fred "butler" citrusaw

just had mexican “naked” burrito from qdoba for lunch. so basically for the carb conscious, it’s a burrito w/o the tortilla, get it naked? that’s some rocket science food marketing sh!t.

however, this fat kid decides, since ive said the hell with the tortilla, I decide to order a side of nacho chips. I figure the nachos would be a nice eating utensil device (and tastier) than a stoopid boring fork when eating the wonderful contents of my naked bowl.

all this talk of mexican mexico food, yo quiero la cerveza mas fina. or as I will translate into ingles: ¡I want a f*cking corona, now!

and I found corona’s new bff. the citrusaw. not only does it uncap, it also slices limes with such precision. its like corona’s little own personal butler.

…and we will name him jeeves. cheerio.

click for more info: fred citrusaw

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