Thursday, July 29, 2010

fred beat "down" it drumstick chopsticks

im avoiding the human race like the bubonic plague today. pms has literally kicked into ludicrous speed gear. like im about to annihilate someone today. so stay away unless you wanna shed a [niagara] waterfall of tears.

so in celebration of me being a hermit today, you good people will probably hear a sh!t ton from me. who else am I gonna talk to? I already obliterated my imaginary friend. and the imaginary friends of america association refuse to get me a replacement since this last guy (goodness bless his soul) was already my 9th one.

so apparently I need an outlet for my anger. always thought of picking up drumming. it seems less violent than picking up muay tai or kickboxing, cause I feel like those are teaching me human @ss kicking skillz. remember, im trying to remedy the anger, not promote.

so in taking baby steps in learning my new [theraputical] instrument, I feel like these little doo dat drumstick chopsticks would be great start to my musical instruction.

plus if I end up sucking at drumming, I can actually use them as food utensils. or as pick up stix. or weapons.

clearly it will take a village to cure this angry biotch.

beat it b!tches!

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