Friday, July 9, 2010

candwich "surprise" canned sandwiches

umm I dunno whats a better invention. spam or candwich?

ps: when youre done with your wholesome meal, there’s a “candy surprise inside.” yay! desert.

pps: im lightly labeling this as "food." no explanation needed.

ppps: god I love america.

click for more info: candiwch canned sandwiches


  1. Love your blog, but don't we have enough of canned foods and obese people with elevated risks of diseases. This stuff must have so much preservatives to kill a small animal.

  2. gracias for checkin out the [digs] blog. I agree, this canned piece of goodness could probably kill a squirrel. so not only is this stuff making people in america fat, but also contributing to animal
    cruelty. no bueno.