Wednesday, July 21, 2010

butch bakery "man" cupcakes

um wow. where butch meets buttercream.

men men men men man-ly men men men men…

dude I much rather wolf down a butch cupcake than some dainty pink b!tch princess-y sh!t (w/rainbow sprinkles).

the fact they marry booze into a cupcake is f*cking amazeballs. reading blog entries about these cupcakes, some claim to getting buzzes off eating these booze man-rinated cupcakes. even more amazeballs!

im mean, im willing to sacrifice getting a cuppy cake man-gover just to experience getting man-mmered off a confectionary [booze soaked] man-sterpiece such as these. however, ima gonna need at least 1 butch box to get a mild buzz on (holds 12 flavas for $48 + $8 delivery). slightly more expensive than a liter of jack, but hey, I’ll f*cking take it.

bestest invention since pot brownies I gotsta say.

ps: the site just crashed, prob due to a sh!t ton of web traffic. story about the bakery just posted on that or magnolia’s bakery just hacked into butch bakery’s server and deliberately sabatoged the site.

cupcake civil war. I love it. my dough’s on the man-tastic cuppy cakes. let the flinging buttercream battle com-mance!

click for more info: butch bakery cupcakes

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