Thursday, July 22, 2010

betty white "geriatric" clothing line

guess the last surviving golden girl is makin the most of her remaining time here on earth. rose nylund for-eva!

the betty white renaissance is in full [rex-n-] effect. talk about pop culture phenomenon, geriatric stylez. you got kids born in the 90’s lovin our adore-abe betty [boop] white. I mean bet-bet was of retirement age when some of these youngsters [shavers] where borned. some weren’t even borned when the show 1st aired (wow, talk about feeling old).

so now, they make these hoodie buddies with the likeness of our most favorite [air headed] gal from st. olaf.

betty white thanks you for being a friend (to animals) with every purchase of her clothing line. part of the proceeds go to morris animal foundation, where bet-bet is a trustee member.

click for more info: betty white clothing line

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