Tuesday, July 27, 2010

anthropologie imprinted "prodigy" palette egg caddy

how fun. this deviled eggy plate reminds me of my days as a painting prodigy at the age of 9. dude man, I was whippin out picasso-esque still lifes back in the day. I was a wizard of watercolors. sultan of still lifes. emperor of easels.

…you get the picture

then I discovered sports three years later (actually I hit puberty and started finding pro athletes hot), and that began the end of my artistic career.

however, as life becomes full circle, im tryin to pick up art again. this cause all the pro athletes that I used to crush on are retiring and all the new bucks are literally all younger than me. I mean, when theyre players borned in the 90’s in the major leagues, you realize the need to stop chasing your dream to marry a pro baseball player and/or become a pro groupie. retire to cougar-dom with some respect. hence, whats the use of watching sports anymore?

well especially if youre a mets fan. then you'd stop watching baseball cause of the mercy rule.

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