Tuesday, July 27, 2010

absolut berri "slim" acai

…and I hopey this vodka helps me lose weight. how awesome-ical would that be? get f*cking hammered to lose weight.

that’s hands down more fun-ner than chuggin on a treadmill and ripping sit ups until you heave.

I mean, I guess you will heave if you get drunk enough. however, puking while drinking tho is waaaay more admirable than pullin the trigger exercising. only weenies do that.

ps: f*ck you spell check! stop auto-correcting my spelling of absolut. ugh!! you just did it again.

!!f*ck suck duck f*ck jock sh!t b!tch sh!t f*ck suck f*ck suck duck f*ck sh!t b!tch sh!t f*ck cock suck!!

…ahh that felt good.

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