Monday, June 28, 2010

paul frank "stop lookin at me swan" buddies hoodie

I love it. fool proof clothing for morons [burnouts] like me. built in headphones into hoodies. saaa-weeet.

ive literally left the house without my headphones like in so many occasions where ive lost count (not that I can count past 20…) it’s the most enraging thing in the world. all I wanna do is listen to my ipod (his name is bOb. no for reals. b!tch got it tattooed on the back, or as apple would call it “engraving”)

listen, in nyc, in order to be left alone in the subway by whistling sex offenders, cracked out senile bums and short fat balding men tryin to get your attention just bump some beats on your ipod. and if they try to talk to you, just play “deaf” and if they get midly aggressive, flash them the “screw face”. what is the “screw face”? seriously no literally words can describe this look of hate towards humanity. if you really wanna see it 1st hand (or haven’t already seen it already) next time you see me, just scream “screw face!” and I’ll flash you my meanest pose.

I promise, it’ll make you cry.


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