Wednesday, June 16, 2010

lemme (ex)splain myself...

as you can see, my blogging performance lately is as pathetic as a washed up used car salesman’s sales numbers. actually im giving myself toooo much credit. its f*cking worse. I should fire myself.

listen, ive entertained the idea of just quitting this sh!t and severing all ties with this blog. its a lot of time and pressure to upkeep my witty-ness (oh you’re so vain) and my shopping wish lists. but I just cant quit ya bloggy. youre like my sh!tty job, except I get no monetary benefits from your @ss. so actually, more of a reason to quit this popsicle stand and be done with you….foreva.

however, as I try to therapize myself (too cheap to hire a real shrink. dude, it’s a $30 co-pay. best spent on booze), im focusing on a re-birth of me. kinda of a do-over in life. start a new attitude and outlook in life. becoming more zen. focusing on the things that make me happy. blah blah blah…

in the midst of doing an inventory of all sh!t in going on in my life (1st step in rebith [AA] program), I pretty much came into conclusion: my life is like sooooo booooooring…

hence why my final decision: im staying with you bloggy. you give me joy, happiness and an outlet for my anger. ok, strike the 1st two mentions from the record. you are my pseudo-shrink. who else am I gonna blow off steam to when I am bummed about being poor or just a raging lunatic angry.


you got me for life. together we will go through this journey of life rebirth [AA] for me.

viva le resistance!
I mean renaissance. same sh!t

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