Tuesday, June 29, 2010

a la familia de apple

so yesterday I brought home from the hospital [best buy] the newest addition to my crazy “jon & kate plus 8-eque” family of apple gidgadets applings.

a bouncing baby iphone 4g boy. hooooray! welcome home son.

weighing in at 4.8 oz and 4.5 inches, he couldn’t be more beautiful. [octo] mom is doing ok, just a bit overwhelmed in keeping all her applings in check and order and charged and synced and updated and accessorized.

however, in light of this joyous occasion, his oldest sister macbook pro might’ve sh!t the bed. in preparation of iphone 4g’s arrival, she was preparing to upgrade her itunes just so her lil baby bro would be able to recharge and sync is bodily fluids seamlessly. something went horribly wrong, and she is now in the intensive care unit of the apple store genius bar in west 14th street (at 9th ave).


note: this story was original written june 26, 2010. however, due to unforsee-able family circumcisions, we have been unable to blog at our unregularly scheduled program.

ps note: this is not a [doctor’s note] excuse for my sh!tty-ness in blogging this month. dude to the aforementioned “family” circumcisions and me turning 30 (yes folks, june 21, 2010 this gal turned the big trey x 10). thanks for the non-birthday wishes. I hate my birthday. any unsolicited birthday wish would’ve been met with a scorned scowl.

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