Tuesday, May 25, 2010

soia & kyo tiffanie jacket

for some reason when you google soia kyo, the warning above poops up. some reason cant access the site.
ok but seriously, im more concerned what harm soia & kyo would do to my bank account. I mean screw my computer.

so like the headstrong shopper that I am, got around this little obstacle and accessed the website [motherland]. this, so to just torture myself as I sit at my desk itching to go to the soia & kyo sample sale that’s happening (as I type with a scowl) 17 blocks from this god forsaken place called work. today is the last day of the sale. b.t.w…

my girl from high school jenny jen, aka jenny from the block, aka jennifer, aka [just] jen (a fellow soia & kyo obsessee/lifetime soia & kyo cult member) bravely visited the cash only accepting sample sale and made out like smokey the bandit. she got 2 jackets for like a steeeeeeeal (I wont divulge what she paid cause it pains me to see how cheap she got em. wah).

since I barely can make a withdrawal from my bank account (as of today’s balance $7.22) im stuck in destitute [loser island] as this sale passes me by [sigh]. as jenny jen was giving me play by play highlights on the merchandise up for sale, low and behold as im bloggy bloggin about this beauty of a jacket named tiffanie (not to be mistaken by the former teeny bopper sensation), she tells me this was one of em on sale…

like f.m.l.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

its fate. I must go on a crusade to this sample sale. it would be against my cult-ural beliefs if I didn’t go.

click for more info: soia & kyo tiffanie jacket

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