Tuesday, May 25, 2010

simple shoes satire polka dot ribbon sneakers

im obsessed with polka dots. I even sometimes think chicken pox is cute. (I know ewe, gross you nasty b!otch.)

this sneaker is no exception with its polkie dottie laces. also the fact its made from recycled materials (including the shoebox it comes in) and its vegan (no aminals were harmed/used in the birth of this sneakers). its like the air jordans for tree huggers and aminal rights peeps.

even cooler, the bottom sole is made of recycled car tires. so when this sloth [me] attempts to run in these sneaks, I can literally “burn rubber”, or at least [reeeeeally] try to.

ps: that will be my only attempt at a pun. I swear. im even embarrassed for myself re-reading that well crafted corny piece of…………..


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