Tuesday, May 11, 2010

little twin stars perfume

wowee. talk about a blast from the past. just when I thought the likes of kero kero keroppi, tuxedo sam, and my melody were extinct, they bring back the little twin stars. god to be 8 years old again.

btw. I had no idea these twins individually had names (kiki and lala. and I have no idea which one is which and too lazy to decipher). always thought they were just one thing, one personality = the little twin stars. bet the twins association of america would accuse me of twin stereotyping and protest against my blog for assuming these twins were the same being/person/thing/etc... “what do we want, separate identities, when do we want it, now!”

listen ive been hearing this protest sh!t from my 2nd personality for years.
all I hear is: “whine whine whine. wah wah wah I wanna be my own person, whys do I gots to share you with me?”
and I says: “shut it and deal with it. you’re stuck with me for the rest of your life. theres no way out. tough [tig ole] titties “

as you just witnessed and argument between me and myself. “i” decided to stay out of it.

*well that post just took a turn for the weird. sorry. that’s what multiple personalities would do to you. however, this probably explains why my blog is so gosh dang funny and wildly entertaining. its literally written by “three” people. aka, my own entourage.

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