Tuesday, May 11, 2010

jack johnson to the sea

if there was an adult lullaby-er that would be good ole jack johnson. his songs are just sooo joe cool. when I need to feel zen and decompress from fighting b!tches on the subways of nyc or screaming at pervs at my gym to stop following/leering at me, I just pop in some j.j. tunes and all is well.

screw conventional “reaching zen” methods such as yoga and meditation. all yous need is some jack johnson, and possibly a cocktail or 2 and possibly a xanax.

buy his new album! if you don’t, I will lay some zen buddha “do you smell what the rock is cookin” smack down on yo candy @ss.

ok, think its time to tune into some j.j.

click for more info: jack johnson to the sea

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