Wednesday, May 12, 2010

crazy crayons recycled crayon sticks set of 18

haven’t you wondered where the nubbins of your broken crayons went?
or those old worn down ones, with no more point to them (who uses that dang sharpener on the back of the box anyways)?

crayon graveyard?
crayola crayon retirement home?
consumed by your baby brother?

nope. they end up seeking refuge at the national crayon recycle program (no joke). its like rehab for crayons. they come here all f*cked up. only to get all spruced up and reshaped, then leave all fresh and rejuvenated (and hopefully sober) ready to be used my society.

best part: comes in a 100% biodegradable gift box.

bestest part: proceeds from each box of crayons help employ people with developmental disabilities.

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