Thursday, April 29, 2010

true north "preggo" pistachio crisps

special thanks to my preggo friend helen who introduced me to these delightful crisps couple weeks ago. (and who’s about to give birth to a bouncing baby boy next month, and who I will spoil the sh!t outta cause I aint having no kids)

I was actually drunk and sleeping over her place that night, and munching on these before goin to bed. consciously thinking these will help soak up all the alcohol in my stomach = less hangover. genius I am, genius. even when im wrecked, im always thinking of me and my well being. I love myself…

sometimes I think I function better drunk. im always prepared for battle before passing out.

-humongo glass of water
-3 advils
-plastic [puke] bag

it’s the holy trinity of “when im hammered before I go to bed” must do’s.

gosh. this post is becoming sucha lovefest for me ego. me likey, me likey.

ps: during the process of [drunkenly] inhaling these crisps, I actually stopped and decided to judge on the flavor of these life [hangover] saving munchies. gotta say, very very, very, goooood. however my palette was not in the bestest of shapes (had after taste of my many jack and diets on my tongue). but, since then, have had these sober, and still given em my blessed thumbs up.

pps: even more hilarious sight, my 8 month along preggo friend feeding her drunk single and childless/almost 30 [spinster] friend [me] at 3:00am. guess I was helping her prepare for parenthood. if she ends up with a child like me…

ppps: goodness. good luck…

click for more info: true north pistachio crisps

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