Thursday, April 29, 2010

trader joe's lacey cookies

during my pistachio crisp eating massacre that drunken evening, I was also fed these cookies called lacey’s. holy sh!t was literally I could say with one bite. its like dark chocolate, almond., crispy caramel? I have no idea. but deeee-lish. and brought to you exclusively by trader joe’s.

it was a dang good thing my preggo buddy only had 2 left, because I would’ve seriously ended the whole box o’ cookies. drunk eating, its like stoned eating. you’ll eating anything, you’re never done eating, you’re never full, and you cant stop/wont stop eating until yo drunk/stoned @ss is passed the f*ck out.

speaking of eating, its lunch time. which means, do not disturb me unless there’s a fire in the building or a sighting of oprah outside.

peace and chicken grease people. im out.

ps: no link for laceys on trader hoe’s. just buy them, theyre worth it. and if you don’t like em, tough sh!t. oh, and please send the rest to me.

click for more info: trader joe’s website

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