Wednesday, April 28, 2010

prismacolor premier "fancy" double ended art marker set

this is not your average box o’ crayola markers. this is like the big queso of marker boxes. like primetime, platinum, professional, pretty friggin premier box o’ marker sets. cant even call them markers, that’s sounds soooo amateur. hereby I christen them with a more elite/sophisticated/advanced name: le plume de colour. faaancy faaancy.

so I think I have the level below these le plume de colours set, which ive had for years, and used for the 1st time last week (shocker). theyre like amazeballs. no wonder peeps plunk down a ton of dough for mont blanc pens. its like the most orgasmic penmanship experience of my life. such fluidity when writing.

coloring with these le plume de colours even more orgasmic. 156 elligible colors and you have the choice of a [big] broad or [gentle] fine tip. ooh lala…

by the end of your “colouring” experience, I guarantee you’ll be coloring outside the lines…

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  1. i bought these in college. i still have em somewhere (hopefully). they're no joke.