Tuesday, April 6, 2010

kfc double "zen" down sandwich

its for the palette non sophisticate.

wolfgang [puff] puck will go ape sh!t on yo @ss if you even try to serve him this fried piece of americano pig/bird to him. oh the nerve.

but to feed a [cavegirl] savage like me, this sh!t is like heaven x infinity for me. yes, apparently this is what I think heaven looks/will be: two pieces of the colonel’s kentucky fried chicken sandwiched w/two pieces of bacon and pepper jack cheese, slathered w/the colonel’s sauce.

if that’s not heaven, then I dunno what to tell ya folks. ive found my religion, and that’s worshipping food and the grill it cooks on.

its called zen foody-ism. believe it and eat it.

click for more info: kfc double down


  1. Looks like KFC canada is against it :)

  2. smart canadians. thats why theyre healthier and happier people than us americans. and the free healthcare doesnt hurt...