Friday, April 2, 2010

kee utility desk "apple-ling" phone dock

on the eve of the day the ipad is set to launch [sniff], ive come to the reality that I am so severely poor [sniff sniff] and am absolutely no way in hell capable in affording this thing at the moment. feel like im giving away my [parental] rights to this wonderful technology being [ipad] on the day of its birth. sorry ipaddy, when mommy gets back on her feet [whenever that is, sniff] she will come for you.

in the meantime, this mother of 8 apple-lings (in birth order: mac powerbook 12”, ipod 3rd gen, ipod nano 1st gen, ipod shuffle, apple tv, macbook pro 15”, iphone 3g, ipod classic) needs to tend to her brood and focus on raising and providing for my existing little dumplings.

the 2nd youngest, iphone 3g has hit the pre-teen stage. feeling constantly unimportant and lost in the shuffle the roster of “children”. shes been complaining how she does extra chores without getting any sorta recognition, such as acting like my house phone. times are tough, and budget is tight, where I cannot afford to get a house phone, and ive been asking her to step up to the plate and do this one extra thing for me.

so to show my appreciation for my little apple-ling’s efforts, im looking to buy her this dope dock so now she’ll have an outfit to make her feel like more of a legitimate house phone.

the things and sacrifices we parents have to do for our kids. now that’s love. [sniff sniff]

ps: special shout out and thanks to T for the referral on this amazeballs piece of tech-no-logy.

click for more info: kee utility desk phone dock